Individual training

Individual training

A good training needs to be suited to the individual needs to the learner. If you are looking for a more personal and face to face approach, this option is for you. One-to-one training allows you to benefit from the undivided attention of the trainer and to receive training to suit your specific training needs.

When are you likely to need one-to-one training?

It would be highly useful if you have already used a software application or system in the past and your knowledge of it is spread across different levels – for example, you might have only basic knowledge of some features and advanced knowledge of others. In this case, here comes the one-to-one training to help you fill all knowledge gaps you might have and choose the specific elements of a course from different competence levels or even different courses.

Our experienced team of trainers will give advice to ensure that the selected topics and the required levels of competence can be delivered within the desired time frame.

For your convenience, one-to-one training can be conducted at your premises or at any suitable working area.

How do I arrange One-to-one training?

Please call us on +44 871 662 9241 to speak to one of our experienced account managers to discuss your requirements, or complete the contact form at

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