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Cookie policy

How we use cookies on our website

Use of Cookies

First Global Training Limited websites use cookies to provide you with the best possible experience on our websites and to gather anonymous information. In some cases, cookies may be used to provide functionality within sessions.

We may use analytics within our websites to monitor how visitors move around the website and how they reached it. This is done so that we can see statistics on which types of content users access most frequently. For example, we may use Google Analytics cookies to tell us if you have visited the site before and allow us to track how many individual users the websites have. The Google cookies cannot be used to identify individuals – they are only used for statistical purposes only.

You can opt out of Google cookies here.

From time to time we may display links to other services including, but not limited to, Social media or video services on our sites. These services may add cookies to your computer when you use them, especially if you are already logged into their service. Due to the nature of how cookies work, First Global Training Limited cannot access these cookies nor control their use. Likewise, these 3rd party services cannot access First Global Training Limited’s session or analytics cookies.

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies and to set your own cookie preferences on your computer. For further information about cookies and how to control their use, please visit the following What are cookies?

Cookies notification and control
First Global Training Limited notifies visitors to our website of cookie use by way of a Cookie Control message. This control provides information on our use of cookies. When a user visits www.firstglobaltraining.com, implied consent is assumed on the basis that links to our Cookie and Privacy policies are provided prominently within the home page footer.

By using our site you accept the terms of our Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy.

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